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We have something for everyone in your family…the business professional, the fashion-conscious, the sports enthusiast, the active kid… Below are just some brands of eyeglass frames we carry in our optical department.


Ann Taylor, Bebe, Coach, Cole Hahn, Dolce & Gabbana/D&G, Gucci, Joseph Aboud, Kate Spade, Nicole Miller, Nine West, Oakley, Penguin, Perry Ellis, Ray Ban, Saks Fifth Avenue, Silhouette, Skechers, Sophia Loren, Sperry, Spongebob, Thalia, Tiffany & Co., TMX, Tommy Bahama, Tory Burch, Vera Bradley, Vera Wang

Our doctors and opticians will help you design the best possible lenses to fit your lifestyle.
Below are some solutions to everyday lens concerns:

Crizal Avance:

  • best non-glare lenses available
  • makes nighttime driving easier
  • makes computer use more comfortable
  • reduces effects of harsh fluorescent lighting
  • lenses disappear – make better eye contact, look great on camera
  • smudge/scratch resistant, dust/water repellant


  • automatically changes from light to dark when you go outside
  • helps with brightness of the sun

Varilux Physio & Definity Progressive:

  • no-lined bifocals/trifocals
  • widest viewing area
  • smoothest transitions
  • minimal distortion

Full Field Aspheric 1.74 :

  • thinnest, lightest lenses available


  • safest lens material
  • thinner & lighter than regular plastic
  • scratch-resistant
  • UV protection


  • Protects from harsh glare without compromising clarity
  • Great for outdoor activities

While our doctors can prescribe any contact lens available, they like to keep up-to-date with the latest contact lenses that provide the best comfort and vision while keeping yours eyes healthy.

Already have a contact lens prescription less than 1 year old? Fill your order online.

Below are some of the contact lenses that work well for our patients:

Acuvue Oasys/for Astigmatism/TruEye/1 Day Oasys, Air Optix Aqua/Multifocal/Night & Day/Dailies/for Astigmatism, Biofinity/for Astigmatism/Multifocal, Purevision, Proclear, Fluoroperm, Air Optix Colors

Eye injuries in the workplace are mostly preventable and result in up to 20% of temporary and permanent vision loss among workers.  We take pride in offering all types of safety glasses to meet your needs and your company’s requirements.

Sunglasses are important! They protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer of the eye. They also keep us comfortable from bright light and even help ward off those unsightly wrinkle lines!

Below are just some brands of sunglasses we carry in our optical.

Ray Ban, Oakley, Coach, Gucci, Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bebe, Wiley X, Skechers, Nine West, Julbo